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HR Policy

For permanent success based on knowledge and experience, to support our stakeholders and our company in the best way, we aim to make our organizational development continuous with open-ended programs.

  • To use workforce efficiently in line with permanent success,
  • To protect and develop the personal rights of the stakeholders,
  • To meet all the needs of our internal stakeholders, to ensure their training and development,
  • To adopt the principle of humane behavior,
  • To abide by the principle of transparency in all communication processes,
  • To ensure the motivation of the stakeholders at a high level,,
  • To prepare educational environments that can best meet the needs of the sector and this time period,
  • To offer internship opportunities to university students,
  • To ensure that all internal stakeholders are united around common goals,
  • To deal with the objectives of the holding together with the objectives of internal stakeholders,
  • To ensure the motivation of the stakeholders at a high level,
  • To provide the two-way communication environment.

General Application Form

Internship Program

We are carrying out our internship program, where our young people, who are our future, can plan their careers, find the opportunity to practice what they have learned in theory, and add value to Başaran Yatırım Holding by supporting their individual development.

Internships within Başaran Yatırım Holding are carried out in two 1.5-month phases during the summer period.

Intern Application