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Chairman's Message

My Esteemed Friends and Colleagues,

In the light of the values that we have carried from our 92-year history to the present as Başaran Yatırım Holding family, I share with you the happiness of continuing on our way with confidence and passion.

With world-class sustainable quality and stable growth strategy that adds value to our stakeholders and does not compromise on corporate principles, we have crowned many projects that we have realized to add value to people with awards, and we will continue to do so with your contributions.

Our group, which adapts rapidly to the information technologies in line with the requirements of the age, stands out in competition with its projects that make a difference in the international arena while gaining a solid place in the sectors in which it operates with its permanent successes.

Thanks to our image of prestige and reliability and our knowledge and experience in the national market, we represent both our country and our group abroad in the best way possible.

With our strategic perspective, we attach importance to our research and development studies on new fields and services; We make our sustainable growth strategy effective by using the financial structure and technological opportunities.

We will continue to combine the success of our group based on knowledge and experience with the innovation and creativity of our youth with products, services, management, and technology and add value.

On behalf of Başaran Yatırım Holding, I would like to thank you and extend my respect and love to all of you.

Hüseyin Başaran

Chairman of the Board, Başaran Yatırım Holding
January 2022


Hüseyin Başaran

History of Başaran Yatırım Holding

The first steps of today's Başaran Yatırım Holding were taken by Yakup Başaran in Trabzon in 1930. This venture, which started with the hazelnut trade, grew slowly and became a factory in 1954 and took its place among Turkey's first hazelnut exporters.

Transferred to the management of Faruk Başaran with the second generation, Başaran Gıda found a place in the international market in a short time and took its place among the leading hazelnut companies of Turkey.

Transferred to the third generation with the position taken over by Hüseyin Başaran in 1995, Başaran Gıda has become the most modern integrated hazelnut processing facility in Turkey and has dominated both domestic and international markets.

In a short time, the Başaran family has made investments in 7 sectors, including finance, energy, construction, cement, tourism, aviation, and yachting, in addition to Başaran Gıda, and has become one of the determining names of the sector with its innovative attitude.

Başaran Yatırım Holding


The vision of Başaran Yatırım Holding is to be a leading organization that offers the workforce in different sector groups to the whole world, with a network integrated with trust, innovation, and human values.


The mission of Başaran Investment Holding is to be a national leader that makes a difference in different sectors with its steady growth since its establishment.

Personal Data Protection Law

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Your Rights Regarding Your Personal Data
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